• Focus on patients

    United Dental Partners is committed to be the Best Place to Give Care and the Best Place to Get Care. We provide all non-clinical services for our doctors, so our doctors are able to focus on providing the best quality care for their patients. By putting patients first and doing what’s right for the patient, our practices continue to grow and thrive. Our organization, led by two dentists, ensures the focus remains on providing the best care for the patient.
  • Providing all non-clinical services

    In today’s rapidly changing dental environment, dentists face many external challenges to running a practice. New government and insurance regulations coupled with evolving reimbursement models put continual pressure on their practices to increase productivity in order to meet the raising costs associated with delivering this care. Additionally, the practical logistics of running a business such as marketing, billing, human resources, and operations take many hours outside clinical care.
  • High quality, efficient care

    United Dental Partners was formed to provide dentists a path to deliver the highest quality patient care in the most efficient and effective way possible. Centralized business functions such as advanced marketing, human capital management, regulatory compliance, billing and credentialing, and information technology support reflect United Dental Partners’ commitment to building best-in-class comprehensive dental practices.

What We Believe In

  • A team-oriented environment where we believe the best idea wins, irrespective of where it was originated.
  • We do what is right for the patient – even when no one is looking.
  • Relationships matter to us as we strive for excellence in everything we do.

At United Dental Partners, our core values guide all the decisions we make. What this means to our dentists and our clinical teams is a dental service organization that is the Best Place to Give Care and the Best Place to Get Care.

Our Brands

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  • Scott D. Goldman, DDS

    Scott D. Goldman, DDS

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Louis A. Whitesman, DDS, MS

    Louis A. Whitesman, DDS, MS

    President and Chief Orthodontic Officer
  • Michelle Castle

    Michelle Castle

    Chief Compliance Officer
  • Mark Goldman

    Mark Goldman

    Chief Information Officer
  • Don Kulka

    Don Kulka

    Chief Development Officer
  • Mike Spitalli

    Mike Spitalli

    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Brett Burkitt

    Brett Burkitt

  • Andra Hillis

    Andra Hillis

    Director, Credentialing
  • Lauren Owens

    Lauren Owens

    Manager, Human Resources
  • Yadira Pereida

    Yadira Pereida

    Operations Manager
  • Steve Siloy

    Steve Siloy

    Regional Operations Manager


United Dental Partners was formed in early 2017 from WhiteGold Dental Partners, a fast-growing dental support organization serving multi-specialty dental practices. Headquartered in Chicago, IL Dr. Goldman and Dr. Whitesman combined their respective pediatric and orthodontic practices. United Dental Partners currently operates practices in the Chicago Metropolitan Area. The efficient operating model of United Dental Partners allows for an efficient means for our doctors to deliver care.

Our dentists and staff love putting beautiful smiles on the faces of anyone who walks into our offices. The multi-specialty group we serve collectively cares for children and adults and offers general, pediatric, orthodontic and oral surgical care across multiple practice brands.

Ever-present in our minds is that the people walking in and out of our practices every day are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, and sons. By them choosing to come to us, they’re giving us the opportunity to help keep themselves in good health and feel good about themselves.